What Is Demand Generation In 2021?

Demand generation, also known as "demand gen," isn't just regarding leads. Demand gen marketing is about generating high-quality leads that engage with your brand – and ultimately turn into revenue. More than ever, marketers and demand generation teams face mounting influence from their managers to tie marketing efforts to revenue. That's where a strong demand generation strategy comes into play.
Demand generation aims to distinguish potential prospects based on their fundamental behaviour and leads them through a nurturing process so that the sales team gains highly qualified and high- quality leads. While demand generation marketing has a lot in common with lead generation, this approach takes time. It crosses multiple touchpoints, campaigns, and pieces of content and includes just about anything your brand does to generate awareness, buzz, and recognition.

Our Top 3 Demand Generation Strategies

1.Generating Awareness with Your Target Audience

Promoting and creating content is, of course, a big piece of any demand generation marketing strategy; however, it's crucial to understand that the approach is a bit different from your inbound marketing strategy. Here, the goal is to build trust, maximize brand recognition, and position your brand as the "go-to" within your industry.

2. Connect with Well-Defined Personas

The most fundamental part of any marketing strategy is contributing solutions that speak to each prospect's unique pain points, willingness to buy, content preferences, and where they are in the sales cycle.
Our team start by defining the following:
  • Who are your ideal prospects?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How do they make buying decisions?
  • What questions do customers typically have at each stage in the sales cycle?

3.Develop Top-of-the-Funnel Content

POur expert teams’ goal isn't to sell; it's to answer questions and educate customers as they begin their journey. Here, we create content that helps people generate interest in your niche.

Lead Scoring

Another critical piece of demand generation marketing is a lead scoring system. Sales and marketing teams must get together to form a consolidated set of definitions for what makes someone a hot prospect, qualified lead, or on the flip side, a bad fit.
A scoring system is essential because most customers, especially in a B2B context, associate with marketing content before talking to someone from the sales team. Initially, we look at what the client's most successful leads have in common and analyze using the below questions:
  • Where do they work?
  • What are their job titles?
  • How did they find you?
  • What content did they download?
Digging into the data to find out which determinants have the most notable influence on sales and, from there, we develop a points-based system for qualifying leads. Then, both sales and marketing teams can develop a strategy for targeting the right audience—through advertising, PR efforts, and organic marketing tactics.

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Our Process For Demand Generation

We look at Demand generation marketing as an imperative process of obtaining potential
customers. This marketing technique incorporates every touchpoint, from boosting awareness
about the brand to building a customer database.






Why Is Demand Generation Important?

It helps in creating engaging content and quality leads. It's an effective tool that creates a pathway to generate leads. If you are looking for a long term relationship between your prospective clients and sales team, this strategy can come in handy. Demand generation can be achieved through inbound marketing, content marketing, events and campaigns.
  • Builds a good reputation for your business/product
  • Defines your brand's identity
  • Creates awareness through the use of technology.
  • It assures that your marketing efforts are relevant
  • Facilitates exposure which will lead to revenue generation

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