Contact Discovery

We provide the most accurate solutions to such problems through our contact discovery services by doing a detailed and strategic analysis of domain-specific data originating from authentic sources.
Contact Discovery is the basis of any productive marketing strategy as it helps you reach the most critical aspects. You have to onboard professional Data Mining specialists and researchers to perform this vital task. This strategy aims to find relevant contacts who are more likely to sign-up for your services or products. Our experts have been helping enterprises around the globe in obtaining details about their market and customers. Contact Discovery services help you build a custom contact list of your prospects and make sure their details are perfect.
Our data mining experts research and perform extensive research and acquire accurate data as per the position and title-based discovery and thus secure the right decision-makers for its business. Therefore, most of these leads collected through contact discovery services are authentic, as they are thoroughly checked before sending to the client.
If you are looking to update your contact list or simply extract a new list of contacts, we can help you right away. The consistency of your marketing or sales plan contact database determines whether your campaigns are successful. At we offer our highly cost-effective touch discovery service for solving your problems with the lead generation.

Our Process For Contact Discovery

We understand that prospects ARE THE KEY Components TO SALES SUCCESS.

A good lead generation and sales leader understands that the sales process starts way before your first meeting with a client.
Your team’s success in front of a client depends a lot on how much you know about them.
With the right solution, you can modify your business and streamline your sales processes.

Our Process Flow

Step:1 Find leads based on named account

We find data for leads based on target companies or named accounts and, fill in data that you already have, to make it more accurate and more valuable. Thus, creating a single source of truth for all your data and increase engagement with your customers.

Step:2 Custom B2B list building

Our experts use web data and imminent analytics to help you target a list of people who are most likely to buy your product/service. Once you have access to a list of contacts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile, you can convert this list to subscribers and finally to potential buyers.

Step 3: Data Audit

Identify duplicates of inaccurate & incomplete data affecting your lead generation.

Step 4: Data Enrichment

Find and add more relevant and exclusive information to your existing data.

Step 5: Technographic

Gather intelligence about the technology landscape of your target accounts.

What we offer:

  • We provide a customized B2B contact list based on your unique requirements
  • We source contacts worldwide based on your target geographical location, benefiting our global outreach.
  • We provide services across all industries
  • Our team takes all such data through a verifying process to deliver accurate and quality data.

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